The adjustable Stellarvue Denali Tripod is built for both stability and style to help you capture the most breathtaking images. Made with ApplePly® plywood, which is the most sophisticated plywood the industry has to offer, this tripod is ready for the imaging adventures that you take it on!

The Denali tripod is built to work with the Stellarvue M002C mount head and column (column is necessary so that the telescope clears the tripod legs). The height of the tripod with the column and M002C mount would be between 45.5″ and 54.5″ high. You can purchase the total package (mount, tripod, and column) using part number SV-M002CW. It is perfectly sized for small- to medium-sized refractors, which would be under 130mm.

Stellarvue Denali Tripod with Mount and Column

How to Set Up the Stellarvue Denali Tripod

  • Denali Tripod is made with ApplePly plywood, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum
  • 32″-41″ tall, depending on how it is adjusted
  • Product will be available mid-October

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