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See the differences for yourself between Greek, Latin or English translations versus the original primary Hebrew terms and definitions that the Biblical calendar is based on.  Christian and secular "prophets" tend to think in Greek or English when they approach Scripture, but in doing so lose a huge depth of understanding that is embedded in the original tongue that Scripture was written in, which is Hebrew and Aramaic.


     Hebrew is one of the oldest known languages on earth and the pre-eminent tongue of those who brought Judaism and Christianity to the world in the Name of the One True El, YHWH, Who revealed His Word to mankind.  The reasons for Hebrew’s utterly unique features and depth go beyond the scope of this discussion.  However, sufficed to say that every letter has a distinct numerical value and a vibration of power that mankind has only just begun to discover after more than 5,000 years.  When the Psalms proclaim that the heavens and the starry host are made by the Word of YHWH, that “word” is spiritually (or metaphysically) contained in the 22 letters of this sacred tongue.  If YHWH had revealed Himself in any other language, then surely the same vibrations and divine “watermarks” would be evident as they are in the Hebrew Torah.


     For the Master’s own purposes, He established all Set-Apart written communication between Himself and mankind within a Semitic framework.  My Aramaic studies began as a way for me to understand certain Hebrew words in the Torah that would otherwise prove difficult to decipher and I am hardly alone.  The Babylonian sages who translated the Scriptures into Aramaic, and later did or approved the Talmud and Targums to be written in Aramaic, did so out of veneration for the Hebrew as well.  Their goals were not to switch to a new language per se, but merely to better understand the old one, and so it is to this very day.


     This cannot and does mean that YHWH won’t listen to us in any other language!  Heaven forbid!  Of course not!  But it does mean that the more we learn about His chosen framework of communication, the more tools and opportunities we avail ourselves of, the closer we can draw to Him.  Thankfully, YHWH is patient, kind, and loving, but let’s make no mistake:  He rejoices when we call on His Name and there are many verses which tell us that He guards His Name.  There are hundreds of common names and phrases in Aramaic and Hebrew that are simply untranslatable, they also bear prophetic elements that the Father Himself employed to reveal Himself and His Kingdom to us.


     The effects of a language on our personal psyches are both subtle and yet profound.  They usually go unnoticed until we are forced to learn a second language and “re-order” our thinking based on another paradigm.  So, for example, in Spanish a person would not say “I am cold”.  That would be preposterous—coldness is not who we are!  Instead they would hace frio or “I have (the feeling) of coldness” which makes a lot more sense once we get out of our comfort zone.  But it’s not just a matter of odd expressions creating chuckles when taken literally; rather, it is an entirely unique way of processing information.  If such is the case with a language like Spanish, which is very close to our own English, how much more relevant do you think this must this be of Hebrew and Aramaic that come at us from the shrouds of deep antiquity?


     How better to understand the original message YHWH gave, than to know what He spoke first hand for yourself?  In many instances, to “think Hebraically”, in terms of studying her concepts, opens up a world of truth that can scarcely be imagined or explained, it must be experienced firsthand to be appreciated.  The rewards for such a pursuit are manifold, both in this life and for the world to come.  Throughout the millennia, the Wheel of Stars was being revealed to the Prophets and Priests in Hebrew and Aramaic and here now after many years of study and research, it is delivered to you in English.


I pray you are blessed and prospered as you journey towards

more truth and enlightenment.


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