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Al & Tommie Cooper founders of God's Learning Channel interview
Andrew Gabriel Roth (author) and Baruch Ben Daniel (publisher) of Wheel of Stars






Andrew Gabriel Roth and our team are followers of Y’shua (Jesus) the Messiah and we call ourselves Netzarim (Nazarenes). We embrace the full power of Y’shua Mashiyach as Savior, Redeemer and King.  We manifest our love towards him through observing the instructions of His Father YHWH, otherwise known as “The Torah”.  The Apostle Paul explains it this way:


“Brothers, and fathers, listen to my defense before you.” And when they perceived that he addressed them in Hebrew, they were the more quiet: and he said to them: “I am a man who am a Jew; and I was born in Tarsus of Cilicia, but was brought up in this city, at the feet of Gamaliel, and instructed perfectly in the Torah of our fathers; and I was zealous for Elohim, as you also all are.”  Acts 22:1-3 (AENT)


“But this indeed I acknowledge, that in that same doctrine of which they speak, I do serve the Elohim of my fathers, believing all the things written in Torah and in the prophets. And I have a hope in Elohim, which they also themselves expect, that there is to be a resurrection of the dead, both of the righteous and the wicked. And for this reason, I also labor to have always a pure conscience before Elohim, and before men.” Acts 24:10-16 (AENT)


“Men, my Brothers; I am a Pharisee the son of a Pharisee; and for the hope of the resurrection of the dead, I am judged.” Acts 23:6 (AENT)


     Notice that Paul says, “I am a Pharisee”—present tense.  His faith in Y’shua did not change his Jewish identity, as who we would refer to as an “Orthodox Jew” today.  Paul goes even further by saying that because he has become a new creation in Mashiyach (Messiah), that consequently “Orthodoxy” now appears liberal by comparison:


The Yehudeans themselves, if they would testify, know well my course of life from my childhood, which from the beginning was among my nation and in Urishlim. For they have long been persuaded of me, and have known that I lived in the princely doctrine of the Pharisees. And now, for the hope of the promise which was made by Elohim to our fathers, I stand and am judged. To this hope, our twelve tribes hope to come, with earnest prayers by day and by night: and for this same hope, King Agrippa, I am accused by the Yehudeans. How judge you? Are we not to believe, that Elohim will raise the dead? Acts 26:4-8 (AENT)


     “Princely doctrine of the Pharisees” refers to the Oral Law, that would later became Rabbinic tradition that was codified in the Talmud.  But then, at the height of his religious life, Paul would leave the Oral Law and embrace the halakha (doctrine, literally “way to walk”) of his new rabbi—Y’shua (Jesus) the Mashiyach (Messiah)!  And yet, in terms of Torah observance according to the written instructions of Moses.  Paul kept the Seventh Day Shabbat according to many references in the book of Acts, he performed circumcision, he even observed a Nazirite vow in the Temple and fasted on Yom Kippur, all of which he did about 35 years after the resurrection.


     And yet, in spite of traditional Christian interpretation, Rav Shaul (Apostle Paul) continued to appeal to the Torah as a current and overriding authority until the day he died—and this is how we as Nazarenes continue to live today and choose to continue the legacy of the Faith Once Delivered.


     Contrary to popular opinion the Nazarene Jewish movement never died out, there have been plenty entries in history that speak of Torah observant Jews and Christians who put their trust in Y’shua for salvation.  We have always been among you, standing as the historical conscience and memory that resides between Judaism and Christianity, seeming to be both and neither at the same time.  And while no spiritual movement has 100% unanimity, we can talk in simplistic and general terms about what most of us believe:


1) That both Torah and the New Testament are Scripture and are binding legally, morally, yesterday, today and forever.


2) That the Seventh Day Sabbath and the Great Feasts given by YHWH (Yahweh The Father) are both a joy and delight for all of His people, Jews and Gentiles, to observe and celebrate together as one family.


3) That Biblical Kosher rules such as the avoidance of pork and shellfish are to be respected.


4) That Yahweh our Creator is One El (“God”) Who has manifested His Ruach (spirit) in His Son Y’shua, and that while in a manner of speaking it is correct to say Y’shua is divine, that Trinitarian language is simplistic and incomplete vehicle for explaining the relationship between the Father and the Son.

     For many readers it is important to understand the moral fabric of an author and the motivation for writing a book.  The point I feel compelled to make, is that the Netzari Faith is more about the Government of Mashiyach than a religion about him.  On the one hand it is important to acknowledge and respect each person's unique religious choices, which bring meaning and purpose to our lives, but on the other hand the Laws of Scripture having to do with righteousness and justice are universal and binding upon each of us.  Sufficed to say then that obedience to the Father and recognition of righteous living, is a far greater concern for Netzarim than the external religious choices with Judaism and Christianity.  This sentiment evolves through trusting in what has been written in Scripture, as the Word of YHWH, and as the literal charter of His Kingdom.


     Until we arrive in the New Jerusalem we have a spiritual journey before us, therefore we welcome the opportunity to mutually share our common Faith.  We welcome your questions and input as you compare the ancient Hebraic calendar and prophecies based on an original Semitic understanding of Scripture as found in Wheel of Stars.


Shalom U’Vrachot (Peace & Blessings)


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